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After finishing second to Japan in the Asian Championships, the Chinese team has regained back their composure after a month long closed-door training. On 18th September, the team to Glasgow was selected after two rounds of tests, and 8 gymnasts, namely Shang Chunsong, Huang Yan, Mao Yi, Huang Huidan, Fan Yilin, Tan Jiaxin, Chen Siyi and Zhu Xiaofang are selected. The team of 8 will leave for France on 8th October, then only 7 gymnasts will later travel to Glasgow where the World championships will be held.

Head coach Huang Yubin had praised Shang Chunsong, Mao Yi, Fan Yilin and Huang Yan during the test, particularly new faces like Fan Yilin and Mao Yi who rose up to the occasion, and experienced gymnast Shang Chunsong for her improved technical precision. Coach Huang also said that the difficulty level had increased hugely, especially on vault and floor. The girls are be as powerful as gymnasts from other countries, so the main focus of the training is to refine the execution of elements. 

Finally, despite this new team’s inexperience, coach Huang’s strategy is to let new girls experience huge competitions, then they will have upgrades during this year’s winter camp, so that they will peak in time during Rio.

The Gymnasts. Based on their routines, which 6 will compete?

Shang Chunsong
Bars: 6.7 (Featuring piked Hindorff (F) - Shaposh and Tkatchev - Geinger)
Beam: 6.7 (2 acro series: back handspring – layout stepout – layout stepout and back handspring – back handspring – layout)
Floor: 6.3 (Featuring 3.5 twists – tuck front and 1.5 twists – 3 twists – tuck front)

Huang Yan
Vault: 6.2 (Cheng) and 6.0 (Tsukahara 2 twists)
Beam: 6.8 (planned) (Featuring front tuck with 0.5 twist, layout full, triple twist dismount)
Floor: 6.3 (Featuring double double)

Huang Huidan
Bars: 6.8 
Beam: 6.1 (Featuring switched leap – Onodi – sheep jump)

Mao Yi
Vault: 5.8 (Yurchenko 2 twists)
Beam: 6.2 (Featuring triple twist dismount)
Floor: 6.3 (planned) (Featuring 3.5 twists – tuck front and 1.5 twists – 3 twists – tuck front, attempted quad turn)

Fan Yilin
Bars: 6.8 (Featuring Shaposh – Geinger and Ling turn – tuck front salto 1/2 back salto dismount)
Beam: 6.3 

Tan Jiaxin
Vault: Attempted Amanar (6.3)
Bars: 6.7 (Featuring Shaposh – Geinger and layout full dismount)

Chen Siyi 
Vault: 5.8 (Yurchenko 2 twists)
Beam: 6.2 (planned) (Attempted full-in dismount)
Floor: 5.5

Zhu Xiaofang
Bars: 6.4
Beam: 6.0 (planned) (Featuring triple twist dismount)

Written by Valerie-Valya Theodora Ko

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