With less than two months before the start of the World Championships, Catalin Ponor told her coaches  that she is suffering from tendon/ligament pain. ProSport reported that the Romanian gymnast did not go to the gym for 3 days. However, Adrian Stoica, the president of the Romanian federation stated that Ponor stopped training not because she is in pain but rather because she fears she won't be able to bent or move her knee.

“It’s not about the pain but about the fear created by the fact that she might find herself not able to bent her knee thus she won’t be able to train, which will ruin all our plans. It takes patience and a lot of understating in order to pass these things” said Stoica.

From the same article posted by ProSport we found out that coaches have intensified the training for Catalina Ponor out of necessity since Larisa Iordache is still suffering from pain on her left ankle while training and Diana Bulimar is still recovering after her surgery. 

Anca Grigoras, the technical director of the Federation said that Catalina is currently protecting her ligament and after the treatment that she received in Vienna they hope that the pain will disappear. 

Furthermore she took a break from training on floor and vault but trained hard on beam.

“She took a break from floor and vault, but trained hard on beam and she did a lot of physical training. In the gym she’s protecting her ligament with tapes and we hope that after the treatment and recovery the pain will be gone. Until now, her problems didn’t disturb her training. Catalina is a very ambitious and determined person and it’s hard for her not to train with  full strength, especially on floor where she wants to do so many things. I don’t believe that these ligament problems were caused by her desire to recover fast, I think it was because of her holding up to her sustained effort. I think that this could have also happened while walking not necessarily in the gym” said Grigoras.

By Alex Mladinescu

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