Every time she steps into the podium, Russia's Viktoria Komova wows the crowd with her elegance and beautiful lines. Here are eight of her skill which no one does perfectly and elegantly as her.

Her Sheep Jump

Her toes literally touch her nose

GIF by mustafinesse

Her Ridiculously Glued Legged Pak Salto

GIF by nastiafina

Her Utterly Ridiculous Glued Legged Komova II

GIF by dear-gaskarth

Her Highly Artistic Over Split Leaps

GIF by zarariel

Her Elegant Consecutive Layout Step Outs On Beam

GIF by aliya-mustadiva

Her Entertaining To Watch Stag Jump

GIF by mustafinesse

Her Back Handspring To Effing High Arabian Difficult Combo 

GIF by nastiafina

Her delciously executed double back tuck

GIF by Jordynslefteyebrow

 By Gigi Farid

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