Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports in the Olympics for many reasons. However, with the amount of gorgeous and devilishly handsome guys that it has, it’s no wonder the men’s competition is a definite watch for girls (and guys) everywhere! In this post, we honor some of the sexiest male gymnasts; whether they made it to the Olympics or not. So, we congratulate them on being attractive basically. Most of these guys are American but there are some hotties from all over the world. Let’s go!

44. Alexander “Sasha” Artemev

This Belarussian-American gymnast was a 2008 Olympian. At only 5’5”, he is a little cutie! Yum.

43. Raj Bhavsar

Gotta love an Indian-American. Bhavsar was a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic team and I have to say he’s yummy.

42. Igor Radivilov

Radivilov is a beefy, handsome Ukranian vaulter, who did very well at the 2012 Olympics. His rugged, boyish looks are a winner for me! Sadly ladies, he’s dating fellow Ukranian gymnast, Angelina Kysla.

41. Alexander Naddour

This former Oklahoma Sooner, who hails from Arizona, definitely has a certain cuteness about him and he’s not a bad gymnast too as a 2-time Worlds team. But sorry ladies, Alex got married to fellow OU gymnast and former elite, Hollie Vise, this year!

40. Arthur Zanetti

Zanetti is the 2012 Olympic Rings Champion and is one of two Brazilians on this list! Wow, his muscular build and cheeky smile is a definite yes from me! Arthur is also in a relationship too but hasn’t popped the question yet.

39. Nathan Gafuik

Gafuik is a Canadian Olympian from Calgary. Who could resist this guy’s cheeky looks?

38. Kohei Uchimura

Uchimura is a fan favorite and a definite cutie! One of the best gymnasts in the world and one of the cutest.

37. Frank Baines

One of our young’ens, Frank, is a 20 year old Scottish gymnast aiming for Rio! He definitely would make my team <3

36. Kristof Schroe

Schroe is an adorable Belgian gymnast aiming for Rio. What a cutie!

35. Dan Keatings

 Keatings is a Scottish cutie who went to the 2008 Olympics. I certainly would like to see his Loch Ness Monster! However people, he is engaged!

34. Thomas Taranu

Taranu is a German National Team member and was a member of the 2012 Olympic team. He is definately a cutie!

33. Yordan Aleksandrov

One of a handful of younger guys in this list, 19-year old Yordan is a dual citizen of Bulgaria and the US. This photo doesn’t really do him justice but damn, I love a younger dude!

31. Alec Yoder

Cute Indianapolis 18-year old, Alec Yoder, did very well at the Youth Olympics last year.

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