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At 2001 World championships, Russia's Natalia Ziganshina and Romania's Andreea Raducan used the same exact floor music which was "Eclipse" from album Nouvelle Experience by Cirque Du Soleil.

The elite gymnasts competed against each other during the individual all around final where Ziganshina won silver and Raducan won bronze.

Both gymnasts opened their floor routine with the same exact tumbling pass, a full twisting double back tuck rated an E in the current CoP as well as ending their routine with the same D rated double back pike.

For their second tumbling pass, Ziganshina competed a double full and a half twisting layout (D) to a full twisting forward tuck (B) while Raducan competed a triple full (E). 

As for their third tumbling pass, Ziganshina competed a whip (B) to triple full (E) while Raducan competed a two and a half twisting layout (D) to forward layout (A).

The Russian gymnast competed more difficult tumbling passes than Raducan but had more trouble on her landing.

Ziganshina scored higher than Raducan by a little more than a tenth of a point. The first scored a 9.387 while the latter scored a 9.262.

The gold medal at the championships was won by Russia's Svetlana Khorkina which was the second of three of her World all around titles.

After the all around final, Andreea won bronze on vault and gold on floor exercise and balance beam. Natalia did not qualify to any event finals.

Written By Gigi Farid



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