Nastia Liukin
Photo by Sing Lo
Nastia Liukin committed a huge mistake during her balance beam routine at 2007 World championship.

The American gymnast dismounted with a back tuck, the easiest possible dismount on balance beam. A gymnast automatically receives a 0.5 for each of the five requirements, she fulfills in the difficulty score. One of which is a D rated dismount.

It appears that Liukin had her foot slipped on her pre dismount round off which most likely is the reason why she chose to dismount with a back tuck instead of her double full and a half twisting layout, rated a D, to prevent injury.

According to a youtube commenter, Liukin said that she lost her concentration and rushed her dismount. Several fans praised her fast thinking.

At this competition the US team won the gold medal. Liukin won silver on uneven bars and gold on balance beam.

Interesting youtube comments:

Written By Gigi Farid

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