Aly Raisman
Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Posing nude can be nerve racking for some people but not for Aly Raisman.

The American gymnast opened up about what was is it like for her to pose nude for the ESPN body issue.

"I’m pretty comfortable, so I liked it. I thought it was really fun" Raisman told

"At 21 years old, I feel the most confident that I have in my whole life. If they asked maybe a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it. But I really, really enjoyed it. It was a great experience and it felt good to feel that comfortable with my body."

"Not saying I’m perfect. I have insecurities like everyone else, but you kind of forget that you’re naked. The shoot was like six hours long because I’m such a perfectionist, so by the end of the day I was just so comfortable I could have walked to Starbucks naked. … Not that I would do that."

Raisman revealed that the most nerve racking part, yes more nerve racking than posing nude, was that she didn't get a say in what photos ESPN chose she had to wait till the photos came out online to see which photos they chose. Thankfully, she liked it.

“For me, I was really happy when I saw the photos. I love my photos, so that’s the most important thing. As long as I like it.” 

The two time Olympic champion said that although she has always thought the issue is amazing, she never saw herself doing it or thought she would ever do it and when ESPN asked her, she was very nervous about it.

 "But as soon as I really thought about it and how hard I work for my body — I eat really healthy, I worked out seven hours yesterday, so I put a lot of effort into the way that I look — so I kind of thought it would be a cool thing to try. Once in a lifetime, for sure."

Raisman who turned senior in 2010, was part of the Olympic gold winning team in 2012. She took two years off from the sport and made her comeback debut this year.

She hopes to make her second Olympic games in Rio.

Written By Gigi Farid

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