Viktoria Komova

For three years, Russia's Viktoria Komova was plagued with injuries and illness which put her gymnastics career on hold, but now Vika is healthy and looking forward to competing at the upcoming European Games.

In an interview with, Komova said that her struggle with injuries had her afraid of injuring herself while doing regular activities like running, walking and jumping. But she manages to pull herself together by whispering to herself everything's gonna be fine and by realizing that it is better to spend her energy on working out.

"After the last one I thought: there is always something happening - it never ends - I'm finished with the sport" said Komova.

"But then I realized that for me exercise is like a drug. There is nothing to do but go to the gym. I think I will not be able to give it up until I die."

Komova recalled having a fight with her personal coach Gennady Elfimov but after three months, she called him telling him that she needs him and cannot train without him.

She revealed that she will show upgrades on floor and uneven bars in Baku.

The Russian gymnast misses the most "Adrenaline, the audience, clapping after a good performance. It's such a thrill - you land successfully, there is applause, you run and hug the coach" and would like to compete as long as she can.

She also expressed desire to fight for the all around gold in Baku along with her teammate Aliya Mustafina.

By Gigi Farid

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