Gabby Douglas
Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
At 2011 Jesolo competition, US Gabby Douglas competed a difficult competition a front aerial (D) to full twisting back tuck (F) which was worth a 0.2 connection bonus at that time.

Today, a front aerial to a full twisting back tuck is no longer rewarded any connection bonus since the 2013-2016 CoP only credits connection in the same direction.

Her sheep jump was wrongly executed, the CoP states that if the feet are below the shoulders, the gymnast receives a 0.3 deduction.

She does a back pike (C), a switch leap half (C) to back tuck (C) worth 0.1 CB, a forward pike (D) and a switch ring (E).

She ends her routine with a double back pike (E) in combination, worth 0.1 connection bonus.  

Douglas is best known for becoming the first African American gymnast to win an Olympic all around title.

The routine is judged according to 2013-2016 CoP

By Gigi Farid

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