A full twisting Gienger is a very difficult release on uneven bars. A small number of famous bars workers have done this skill.

Skill: Swing forward and salto backward stretched with 1,1/2 turn to hang on HB.

Rating: G

Named after: Snezhana Hristakieva of Bulgaria

Event: Uneven Bars

Debut: 1991 Worlds

Hristakieva's Bio

Snezhana Hristakieva was born in Bulgaria on March 11, 1977. She was relatively unknown gymnast. She competed at 1992 Olympic games where she did not advance to any individual final but finished 12th with her team.

Despite having this skill named after her, the full twisting Gienger is often referred to as Def which is the last name of the French male gymnast who originated this skill in men's gymnastics. The reason is Hristakieva having a much less catchier name.

Beside originating the bar release, she also  originated a Yurchenko on, 1/2 twist to immediate layout front off on vault which is worth a 4.7 in the current CoP.

It is rumored that the Bulgarian gymnast passed away more than 10 years ago.

Was she the first gymnast to perform this skill?

Yes, she is the first female gymnast to perform this skill. It is noteworthy that she competed it when she was a little junior gymnast.

Gymnasts who have also performed this skill

Elena Dolgopolova of Russia

Amelie Plante of Canada

Emilie Le Pennec of France

Other Gymnasts

Isabelle Sovereino of France
Elisabeth Seitz of Germany

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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