Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
French gymnast Elodie Lussac performs a different routine from what we see nowadays.

Lussac, who was born in 1979, mounts the beam with swing to handstand forward walkover (C) then does a switch leap (C) to a ring leap AKA Bo (D) worth 0.1 connection bonus.

She competes four acrobatic skills in a single combination, a back handspring (B) to layout step out(C) to back handspring (B) to Korbut (B), worth 0.1 series combination and a leap (A) to Rufolva (D) worth 0.1 connection bonus.

(Editor comment: I am not sure if a dance element (A) to Rufolva  (D) would recieve a connection bonus, the CoP credits any connection between a D rated salto and an A rated dance element, I don't know exactly if the CoP will consider a Rufolva a salto element or not since it is a flight element.)

She ends her routine with a solid stuck G rated dismount, a full in back pike which is one of the most rarely done dismounts.

At that time, Lussac had a very promising future, she beat then future legend Svetlana Khorkina at the 1993 junior European all around competition but regrettably she suffered from several injuries, the last being a career threatening one which she sustained in her first senior year and cut her career short.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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