Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

Laura Jurca was born on September 12th, 1999 in Munich, Germany. She is best known for winning the silver all around medal at the second edition of Youth Olympic games.

On vault, she has a glued leg and nicely executed double twisting Yurchenko. It would be better, if she had a higher height and pointed her toes.

She needs to work on her landing as she seems to have a habit of  taking a huge step on it.

(Her DTY is the second vault in this video)

Her style is stiff on bars but her legs are glued together. She has a low height on her bars releases, a Hindroff (E) and Geinger (D) bars releases as well as on her full in dismount.

She lacks fluidity. However, she is okay on bars for an all arounder. Considering that Romania is weak on bars, I expect her to compete on the event in team finals.

She is confident on beam and does not seem to hesitate before performing her skills. On the other hand, her difficulty is so far behind. She also doesn't hit her leaps.

She has presence and nice choreo, and mediocre difficulty.

Bottom of line:  She is adorable. Assuming that she will be working on upgrades, I believe she will be Romania's second AAer knocking Diana Bulimar out. Not to mention her service will be needed on bars in team final.

The downside about her gymnastics is low height on the four events, not hitting her beam leaps and her mediocre difficulty.

Hopefully, she will upgrade and work on improving. She will be considered a lock for the Rio Romanian team.

Written by Gigi Farid



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