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After the European Championship podium training, TVR tells us all about the Romanian team.

“We have to focus more in order to good result in the qualifications” said the captain of the Romanian team in Montpellier, Diana Bulimar. 

Having their first major international competition as seniors, Laura Jurca and Andreea Iridon were nervous and they missed some of their elements. However, with the unconditional support of their coaches, the girls know what they need to do.

“I need to be more confident and to believe in myself more in order to do my routines exactly as I trained them. I know I can do it.” said Jurca.

On the other hand, Diana Bulimar and Andreea Munteanu left the podium training near midnight after the training was over. Bulimar had a very good floor routine and managed to stay on beam despite having wobbles here and there.

“It went pretty well. I still have something to say on beam, because even if I had some problems there, it was just because I had a bad day giving the fact that it so late in the evening. But overall I think it will be ok” said Bulimar.

Andreea Munteanu who is enlisted on beam and floor, trained only her beam routine. She didn’t manage to train her floor routine, displeasing her coaches.

The European Championships continues tomorrow with the WAG qualifications. You can find the latest updates and full coverage on our Facebook page.

Written by Alex Mladinescu



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