Photo by Jeni Hull
Andreea Iridon was born on November 23, 1999 in Sibiu County, Romania.

Iridon competed at European Youth Olympic Festival where she won bronze medals with her team and on balance beam. She placed fourth on floor exercise. The following year, she competed at the junior European championships where she won silver medals on beam and floor, and a bronze with her team.

On vault, she does a very easy vault 'a full twisting Yurchenko'. She is obviously no vaulter, she takes time to complete her simple twist. Most likely, her services on vault won't be needed in team finals.

Considering how weak the Romanians are on bars, Iridion might have already secured a spot on the Olympic team.

She is good on bars and not just for a Romanian gymnast. It is possible to see her at Worlds' and Europeans' bars final. She does a Ricna (E) and gienger (D) as releases.

She is confident, solid and have an artistic choreography on balance beam. She does a 1.5 Y turn, side aerial, side somi, a switch leap to full Y turn and an E rated double back pike in combination.

She is not shy and is very expressive on floor, she knows how to sell her routine, while her difficulty is mediocre.

Bottom of line: If she stays healthy, she will make the Rio Olympic team with no doubt. She has a very loud personality and is full of confidence.

Individually, she is capable of winning medals only if she upgrades. Considering her vault, I don't expect her to be an all arounder but if she proved she can do a double twisting Yurchenko, she can replace Diana Bulimar, but will never top Larisa Iordache.

Regarding bars, I don't think she stands a chance on topping or successfully competing against the World's best bar workers.

Written by Gigi Farid



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