Aly Raisman
Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
What a coincidence! 

When US Aly Raisman was a thirteen year old junior gymnast, she used "Gia" a song recorded by Greek singer Despina Vandi, which was famously used by her then future rival Catalina Ponor.

Ponor danced to this song during the 2004 Olympic floor finals where she won gold. At 2012 London Olympics, Raisman outscored Ponor on floor in event finals and won gold while the Romanian gymnast settled for silver.

There, Raisman used Hava Nagila as her music while Ponor used Requiem for a Dream.

At the same day, Raisman and Ponor tied for a bronze on balance beam but due to tie breaking rule Ponor's position was dropped to fourth in favor of Raisman whose execution score was higher than Ponor's

"I can't belive she used to have Catalina's floor music in her routine. lol and imagine that she will beat her later in London. its so Ironic haha. I'm a fan of ponor's tumbling, especially in 2004. The moment i hear the music I started laughing haha" wrote a Youtube commenter.

Cata's 2004 floor routine


Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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