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At 2012 London Olympics, Romania's Sandra Izbasa who placed fifth in the all around, out scored Russia's Aliya Mustafina who won the bronze medal on three of the four events.

On vault, Izbasa had a higher D score. She competed a round off half on full out which is worth 6.1 D score while Mustafina competed a double twisting Yurchenko which is worth 5.8 D score.

Izbasa scored 15.333 and Mustafina scored 15.233.

The uneven bars was the only apparatus that Mustafina scored higher than Izbasa on. The Russian gymnast scored a 16.1 which was the highest score in that night. A low score of 13.900 was scored by the Romanian gymnast whose weakest apparatus is the uneven bars.

On balance beam, Mustafina suffered a fall,which could have caused her, her bronze medal. She received a score of 13.633. Izbasa scored 0.767 points higher than Mustafina.

Izbasa who is the 2008 Olympic floor champion, had the highest score on that event in the competition while Mustafina scored 14.600, 0.6 points lower than Izbasa.

Their overall scores are 59.566 and 58.833. 


Apparatus Mustafina Izbasa Difference
Vault 15.233(5) 15.333(4) 0.100
Bars 16.100(1) 13.900(17) 2.200
Beam 13.633(18) 14.400(7) 0.767
Floor 14.600(6) 15.200(1) 0.600

Fourth placer and US Aly Raisman had the same exact overall score as Mustafina but was dropped to fourth place due to tie breaking rule.

The rule indicates that in case of a tie, the sum of the three highest apparatus scores is used, which was found in Mustafina's favor.

Apparatus Mustafina Raisman Difference
Vault 15.233(5) 15.900(2) 0.667
Bars 16.100(1) 14.333(9) 1.767
Beam 13.633(18) 14.200(10) 0.567
Floor 14.600(6) 15.133(2) 0.533

Izbasa scored higher than Raisman on floor exercise and balance beam.

Apparatus Izbasa  Raisman Difference
Vault 15.333(4) 15.900(2) 0.567
Bars 13.900(17) 14.333(9) 0.433
Beam 14.400(7) 14.200(10) 0.200
Floor 15.200(1) 15.133(2) 0.067

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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