Bulgaria is among the top countries in Rhythmic gymnastics, but in artistic gymnastics, they rarely achieve success. 
Photo by BTA

At 1988 Seoul Olympics, Diana Dudeva became the first and only female Bulgarian artistic gymnast to win an Olympic medal, which was a bronze on floor exercise.

Dudeva begins her routine with a beautiful arched back F rated double layout. She then does an E rated full in back pike and ends the routine with a single whip indirectly connected to double pike (D).

Choreography wise: What a dance! very exquisite and sassy. She is a perfect example of combing dance, artistry and gymnastics. 

Dudeva who was born in 1968, is also the silver medalist on uneven bars and bronze medalist in all around at 1987 European championships.

The then Bulgarian gymnast was eligible to compete at the 1984 Olympics but was forced to skip it after her country joined the boycott.

Following the Olympics, she married double European champion in gymnastics Plamen Petkov and had two children. She along with her husband have been living and coaching in Greece for more than 20 years where several of their gymnasts made the national senior team. 

In an interview four year ago, Dudeva said she does not miss Bulgaria and is happier living in Greece as she believes that Greece gives support to the sport more than her native country.

Written by Gigi Farid

Please note that the routine was judged according to 2013-2016 CoP



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