Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Soviet Tatiana Gutsu received a perfect 10 for an extremely difficult and solid routine at Trofeo Goofy in 1991.

Gutsu did a rarely done round off to layout step out mount (D), a full twisting back tuck (F), a back handspring to two layout step outs (0.2 CB), a rufolva (D) and ended the routine with a three back handsprings to full in tuck (G) (0.1 CB).

This routine beats many Olympic gold medal routines, execution and difficulty wise. It can be easily adjusted to nowadays scoring system. All Gutsu needed to do was, a two different dance elements in combination and more difficult turn and dance elements.

Routine's D score:

Eight most difficult skills:

Acrobatic elements: D+F+C+D+G
Dance elements: C+A+A
Connection value and series bonus: 0.3


Connection of dance elements: 0
Turn: 0.5
Acro series: 0.5
Acro elements in different direction: 0.5
D or more dismount: 0.5

Final D score: 5.3, she could easily score above 6. 

Gutsu is the 1992 Olympic and European all around champion.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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