Photo by Sing Lo
In 2002, then 14 year old Carly Patterson of USA competed a balance beam routine of huge difficulty.

She performed a back handspring (B) to a full twisting back straight layout (G), worth 0.2 connection bonus. An aerial walkover (D) to sissone (A), worth 0.1 connection bonus, an arabian (F), full turn (A), front tuck (D) to a sheep jump (D), worth 0.2 connection bonus, Korbut (B), switch leap with half turn (D) and dismounted with a round off to back handspring to a double tucked arabian (G), which is named after her.

Her final D score is 6.3 according to 2013-2016 CoP and that's without one of requirements that is worth 0.5 points.

Imagining, Patterson is competing nowadays, she would have connected two dance elements, fulfilling the missing requirement, and done a D or C rated third dance element. Her D score could have gone up to over 7.

The former gymnast is best known for becoming the first American gymnast to win an Olympic all around gold medal in twenty years and the first in a non boycott Olympics. She is also known for having a clean style and doing her skills with easiness on balance beam. 

Written by Gigi Khazback

Photo by Sing Lo



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