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At the 30th European championships, the Romanian team won their 7th European title proving once again why they are one of the strongest teams in the world. But individually, they had their own struggles.

Romania had only two gymnasts qualifying to event finals and only one made it to the podium. Diana Bulimar qualified to floor final, while Larisa Iordache medalled at three of the four finals, she has made.

Andreea Munteanu, known for being one of the uprising new seniors, unexpectedly failed to make any individual final.

“Unfortunately with that darn mat for beam (Which she landed her dismount on) we’ve all had problems, including Larisa who does the same dismount as me. She’s more experienced so she was able to adapt quickly to the situation but I fell. It can happen.” said Munteanu in an interview with ginnasticando, translated by Iordikachu

Gymnasts receive a full point deduction for a fall. Munteanu scored a 14.033, only 0.1 points behind Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland who qualified in last place.

Nevertheless, the Romanian gymnast said she is satisfied with the results and that she understands, it all comes with experience.

Munteanu considers former Olympic all around champion Andreea Raducan of Romania and her Moldavian coach.

She also considers herself as her biggest rival “It sounds lame but I think that I am my biggest rival. I still have to learn to control my emotions because I’m always nervous before important meets and I always think I’ll make a mistake.”

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid


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