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Silvia Zarzu was born on December 16, 1998 in Onesti Romania. Her strongest event is floor exercise.  She was recently listed on the nominative list of the 2014 European championships.

Junior Zarzu’s most important competitions where at the 2012 junior European championships where she won a bronze with her team and a silver on floor exercise, and at the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival where she won a bronze with the team and another bronze on floor exercise.

The Romanian gymnast had her senior debut at the City of Jesolo Trophy in 2014. There, she competed in a mixed team with her compatriots and gymnasts from Italy and USA. However, she did not place in any final.

On floor exercise, She is energetic but  is short on her tumbling passes which results in having deep landing. She has a little bit of bent knees and crossed legs. She also needs to work on her pointing toes and her difficulty is mediocre.

Zarzu is confident on balance beam. She shows capability of doing a beam routine of higher difficulty. Execution wise, the same as on floor.

On vault, she has bent knees on her double twisting Yurchenko.

Like most Romanians, she is weak on uneven bars.

See also her entertaining beam and floor routines at the age of 12.

Bottom of line:  With the lack of depth in the Romanian team, Silvia can be an asset  to the team, but individually she does not show exceptional talent or possibility of achievement.

Iordache and Bulimar top her floor, while Iorache, Bulimar and Munteanu top her beam. Her vault is not impressive but she can contribute on it in the team final. Zarzu needs a major upgrade and also needs to work on her execution if she wants to top any of the three Romanian stars.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid


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