With three gymnasts getting denied a chance to win an Olympic medal in London due to tie breaking rule, a lot of people spoke out against this rule. But no tie breaking rule does not always make everyone happy.

During the Moscow Olympics in 1980, five of the six uneven bars finalist medalled, three of them tied for the bronze.

Who is the unfortunate gymnast?

Nellie Kim of the Soviet Union. With 0.050, Kim lost the chance to tie for bronze. Being the only gymnast in the final to not win a medal, of course she couldn’t be any sadder.

At that time, the score of the gymnasts’ performances in the final was not the only score counted as the compulsory, optional and prelim scores were carried over to the final.

The gold medal winner was Maxi Gnauck of East Germany, the silver medal winner was Emilia Eberla of Romania and the three bronze medalists were Steffi Kraker of East Germany, Melita Ruhn of Romania and Maria Filatova of Soviet Union.

Both Gnauck and Emilia Eberla earned perfect ten in the optional competition. It was the first perfect ten for Gnauck and the only for Eberla.

For Kim, the Moscow Olympics was not a disappointment as she left it with two Olympic gold medals, the first one with the team and the other on floor.
Written by Gigi Khazback Farid


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