As a gymnast who did not make the Beijing Olympic team, Sui had high hopes of winning a gold medal in London but her hopes were crushed when she narrowly missed out on a gold medal on balance beam by only 0.1 to her teammate Deng Linlin. 

Sui Lu showed her disappointed by bursting into tears and not smiling throughout the entire medal ceremony “I was really satisfied with my performance on the beam after I finished, so I wanted that gold medal so bad. I devoted myself and worked extremely hard for it during the last four years. So you know, it won’t be easy to accept the truth that I lost the gold all of a sudden.” 

But after leaving the arena Sui felt better “I felt a lot better after I left the Greenwich Arena that day. Everyone was trying to avoid talking to me about the final and I also tried to forget what was happening the minute before. And as time went by, I gradually moved on and if nowadays someone tells me it was a pity that I didn’t win, it won’t be much of a big deal.” said Sui Lu ” Actually when I first arrived in Shanghai upon my return from London, I tried to not think about it. I didn’t even watch any sports related TV shows”.

Lu admitted that she has never cried or felt bad in her entire life like when she lost that gold medal. For her it was hard to accept it, she also said it made her feel very sad.

However,Lu said that she doesn’t have any regrets as the competition has already ended. She is now adjusting herself to what’s next in her life.

On the hard and painful training of gymnastics, the 20 year old gymnast admitted that the photo which went viral, showing kids in pain during training is true “We cried almost every single time of training. But this is the process and experience every gymnast has to go through”. Lu said that her mom was harsh on her and didn’t let her quit as kids always give up easily because of the painful training but after she grew up, her mom gave her the choice of leaving the sport but at that time Sui was already in love with the sport.

As most gymnasts, Lu though of quitting but that was only due to having a sudden burst of anger.

The reigning World beam champion admitted that being a gymnast made her spent so much time away from her family “We barely had our childhood”.

On Rio 2016, Lu said that she acknowledges that it might be impossible for her to make the next Olympic team, however she will take everything one step at a time.

Special thanks to Vincent Xie for translating the interview which the article was based on.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid


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