In an interview by prosport, the two time Olympic champion Sandra Izbasa of Romania was asked if the whole country is waiting for her to announce her retirement. Izbasa responded with a laugh saying " You mean everybody is waiting for my retirement?. I don't think so".

Izbasa then admitted that there are in fact people who want her to leave the sport " I am sure that there are people who are waiting for my retirement announcement" said Izbasa "But i have always loved not giving them what they really want".

Although Izbasa refused to give names, she revealed the dark side of the national team "When we are competing for the same team or individually, I guess everybody expects the most powerful competitor to retire. But I will not be doing it  just because they said so, and whether I will continue in the sport or  retire, I will be doing it for myself not for someone else . I've always liked to prove that I can do beautiful things" said Izbasa.

"As I recall in 2009, most people didn't give me a chance to continue. And it is true, after such an awful injury it’s hard to get back in the required level in order to perform high level gymnastics. I wanted to prove that it was possible."

Sandra Izbasa will announce her decision this month on whether she will continue competing or leave the sport for good.

Article written by Gigi Khazback

Original interview translated by Alex Mladinescu 


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