Aliya Mustafina/Alexander Alexandrov
In the most recent interview Russia's national coach, Andrei Rodionenko denied Alexandrov's claims on the reason of his dismissal being a personal one stating that "allocation of duties" is the real reason.
"We couldn't accepted Alexandrov having two functions, this caused conflicts and unhealthy climate for the team...It was a necessary step for a certain period of time. Aliya had no personal coach and Alexandrov did some brilliant work with her. Unfortunately, the situation inside the team was controversial and contradictory. Now at the beginning of a new quad, the issue had to be solved." Rodionenko stated " There is nothing personal about Alexandrov's dismissal, at the coaching council i said the team's performance had been satisfactory, but we had to think about the future" 
On the other hand the personal coaches pointed their fingers at Alexandrov accusing him of failing to have control over the gymnasts.
"There was no discipline in the team. When Alexandrov arrived we talked about discipline and of having control over the gymnasts but he failed. The girls did what they wanted, it all started with Aliya, Aliya is difficult, they are all difficult....she didn't want to train, the others looked at her and wondered "Is she better than us? Why do we have to? Alexandrov allowed her to do anything. What could we do as personal coaches" said Afansyeva's personal coach Marina Nazarova
Nazarova also stated that there is no gymnast from any country behaved like that pointing out the Romanians and the Americans working all quietly, listening to their coaches and repeating the elements.
"Our gymnasts didn't train up to third apparatus. If they did, it was with discussions and hysterics. We stood there wondering 'How will we win a medal? Will it be like in Beijing, ending up in 4th place...?.Thus we were lucky to win the silver medal" added Nazarova
Serguei Zelikson former coach of Anastasia Grishina agreed with Nazarova and added "At any moment any gymnast could leave the gym if she didn't like something". He also described the gymnasts as walking corpses when the physical condition of the gymnasts was brought up referring to Komova's injury problem.

The Russian team won a total of six medals in London including a silver medal in the team final.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Source: Rewriting Russian Gymnastics Blog

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